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Coarse Bubble Disc Diffuser
      Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser
     Technical Specification:
Sizes 2000MM
Shape of Diffuser Tube Type
Type of Bubble Fine bubble
MOC of Membrane Epdm / silicon
Detail of Fittings per diffuser Pipe support,
2 Nos. S.S. membrane clips,
1No Dummy Cap and 2 No male adaptors.
1No Air flow Pipe 1No
S S nipple.
MOC of Membrane Support PVC PIPE
MOC of Membrane Clips SS
MOC of Dummy Cap ABS
MOC of Diffuser Male Adapter ABS
Operating Temperature of Membrane 85 deg. Celsius
Temperature Tolerance

Max. 85 degree Celsius

Nipple attached to diffuser 1.
Dimensions of Bubble >1mm
Air floating Both side
Membrane surface area 0.29m2
Air put through rate 11 to 14 m3/hr.
per diffuser
Tube Diffuser Fine Bubble Tube Diffuser(Membrane Sleeve)
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