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SDEPP Blowers are heavy duty blowers designed with detachable rugged steel mounting feet that permit easy in-field adaptability to either vertical or horizontal installation requirements.
Because of the detachable mounting feet, these units can be easily adapted to any of four drive shaft positions - right hand, left hand, bottom or top. The compact, sturdy design is engineered for continuous service when operated in accordance with speed and pressure ratings.
The basic model consists of a cast iron casing and cast iron involute impellers. Carburized and ground alloy steel spur timing gears are secured to the steel shafts with a taper mounting and locknut. Oversized anti friction bearings are used, with a cylindrical roller bearing at the drive shaft to withstand V-belt pull. The features thrust control, with splash oil lube on the gear end and grease lube on the drive end. After standard tests, the unit is sprayed with a protective paint and boxed or placed on skids. Available accessories include driver, relief valve, inlet and discharge silencers, inlet filter, check valve, extended base, v-belt or flexible coupling and drive guards.
» Steel detachable mounting feet
» Rigid one-piece cast iron casing
» Anti-friction bearings
» Thrust control
» Splash oil lubricated spur timing gears
» Connections in standard pipe sizes
» Balanced, precision machined bi-lobe impellers
Product Code : SDEPP1
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