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Frame Press Recessed Chamber Plate Filter Press
Product Specification
Frame Press Recessed Chamber Plate Filter Press

Type of Frame Cast Iron / MS Fabricated / Solid Steel
Type Plate Shifting Manual / Semi Automatic / Fully Automatic
Type Delivery Open / Close
Washing Washing type / Non-Washing type
Closing Devices Ratchet pinion and gear type
Hand Hydraulic type
Power Hydraulic
Construction Material of Filter Element Wood / Caste Iron / Polypropylene
Types of Filter Press Plate and Frame Press
Recessed chamber Plate type
Working Pressure Wooden up to 3Kgcm2
P.P./C.I up to 16Kg/cm2
Plates Drainage Surface Wooden Vertical Grooves
Cast Iron-Pyramids
Filter Media used Cotton
Sizes Available (in mm) 300 x 300                     765 x 765        1200 x 1200
450 x 450                     915 x 915
610 x 610                    1000 x 1000
Product Code : 10
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